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The Li'Leeth Race

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The Li'Leeth Race

Post by Kritch Telsmas on Wed Oct 19, 2016 5:05 pm

The Immortal Shadows

The Li'Leeth hail from a world of only black and white, good and evil. Gray does not exist for them. In fact, the Li'leeth cannot see any colors other than the two extremes of pure white and pitch black. The Li'leeth themselves are human shadows, literally. Their world is a mirror to Earth, and for every Human there is a Li'leeth. They don't necessarily live and die together, however.

They are as four-dimensional as humans, but are completely black, with no discernible facial features other than the suggestion of eyes and a nose. They do have several characteristics unique only to them, however. Li'leeth are, for all intents and purposes, immortal. Conventional weapons cannot harm them, nor can any poison or toxin from Earth. Aside from extreme radiation and things unearthly themselves, the only way for a Li'Leeth to die is to choose to die. Li'Leeth do not need to eat, and while it is believed they can speak, their language is unknown.

Further, Li'Leeth are loners and pacifists. They do not believe in violence as a culture. If the Li'Leeth join a guild, they will undoubtedly only be one. However, of course, there are anomalies.

Li'Leeth Flintrers are bowls filled with a dark fluid that all Li'Leeth carry. This fluid communicates to the Li'Leeth in bubbles on the surface. The bowl's fluid is far deeper than it's bowl would suggest, essentially a "hammer-space" of infinite depth that only the Li'Leeth can access and store or pull anything from.
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