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The Ice Giant Race

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The Ice Giant Race

Post by Kritch Telsmas on Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:35 pm

Ice Giant
The cold-hearted savages

Ice Giants, also called the Briist, are a Race from a far distant timeline and world. Known for their barbarianism and brute strength, Ice Giants dwarf humans in height, standing at over ten feet tall. Ice Giants have two forms, depending on their mood and strength.

The first form they can appear in is that of humans with red hair and icy blue flesh. In this form, they are tall and burly. They have been likened to vikings in appearance, as well as for their typical weaponry of swords and shields.

Their alternate form is that of roughly humanoid ice creatures, with long, sharp limbs. In this shape they are typically stronger, but slower. They do however have an immunity to cold and their bodies are sub-zero. In this shape, they can blend into icy and snow-covered environments with ease.

Ice Giants are well known on their home world for pillaging and slaughtering. They'll typically breed by force, using one of the other Races of their home planet as a surrogate. However, female Ice Giants do exist, but are rarer than males.

Ice Giant Flintrers are large orb-shaped cages made from rune-covered metal surrounding a glowing light. This light has magical properties only known to the Ice Giants themselves.
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