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Tiers, Skills, and Skill Points

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Tiers, Skills, and Skill Points

Post by Kritch Telsmas on Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:06 pm

Inept- The lowest Tier. However, do not fret, for the Inept actually has the greatest potential of them all, with the largest ability to grow. Obtaining the Inept Tier will allocate you 4 Skill Points.

Novice- The second lowest Tier. While more powerful than the Inept, the Novice is barely scratches at their potential and has a lot to learn. Obtaining the Novice Tier will allocate you 4 Skill Points, plus any previous Tiers.

Apprentice- The third Tier. With a greater understanding of their abilities, the Apprentice is well on their way to realizing their potential. Obtaining the Apprentice Tier will allocate you 6 Skill Points, plus any previous Tiers.

Assistant- The fourth lowest Tier. The Assistant has a clear grasp of their abilities and are the ones frequently coaching their friends and allies. Obtaining the Assistant Tier will allocate you 8 Skill Points, plus any previous Tiers.

Graduate- The fifth lowest Tier. The Graduate is one who could be said to have a full, working knowledge of the abilities, but could always learn more. Obtaining the Graduate Tier will allocate you 10 Skill Points, plus any previous Tiers, for a total of 32.

Veteran- The fifth highest Tier. A Veteran is one whose knowledge and abilities have been tried and tested exhaustively and came out on top. Obtaining the Veteran Tier will allocate you 13 Skill Points, plus any previous Tiers, for a total of 45.

Master- The fourth highest Tier. The Master could be said to know all there is about their specific abilities or a subject, and are all considered great. Obtaining the Master Tier will allocate you 15 Skill Points, plus any previous Tiers, for a total of 60.

Grandmaster- The third highest Tier. The Grandmaster is one who knows all about a multitude of subjects and powers, whose abilities are at the highest reaches of what a normal person could achieve. Achieving the Grandmaster Tier will reward you 20 Skill Points, as well as all previous Tiers, for a total of 80.

Ascended- The second highest Tier. The Ascended are beyond what any average person could accomplish; they are geniuses even among Masters and Grandmasters. Achieving the Ascended Tier will reward you with 40 more Skill Points, as well as all previously obtained points, for a total of 120.

Godhead- The highest Tier. The Godhead are gods among common people; or rather, people who have achieved power comparable to a deity. Those who obtain this legendary status will be rewarded with another 80 Skill Points, bringing their total base Skill Points to 200.

By now, you may be wondering what Skill Points are. Skill Points are simply a numeric value that you can distribute among your Skills and Stats in any way you see fit, so long as you use positive, whole integers. Now, what do these values actually mean? It shows your ability in that particular Skill or Stat. This is used in combat to see whose attack would harm who. If person A, with 4 Strength, attacked person B, with 3 Durability, person A would do more damage to person B due to his Strength trumping B's Durability. However, if A's Strength was only 1, he would not be able to harm B, whose Durability would be too high. The vaster the difference in the numbers, the more drastic the outcome would be.

But, not everything is about combat. And there are many Skills besides the three Stats of Strength, Durability and Agility. Raising your Skills increases your proficiency at that subject. For example, a high Cooking Skill means your meals will turn about better, and you'll be less likely to get sick. A higher Carving Skill would allow for better drops from defeating Monsters, provided you didn't damage the body part you're trying to obtain.

What's the difference between a Skill and a Stat? Stats are used for combat, as well as any time your character would be injured, show off their physical prowess, or do any feats of agility. Hence why they are named Durability, Strength and Agility. Skills are things your character can learn, and therefore practice to get better at.
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Re: Tiers, Skills, and Skill Points

Post by Kritch Telsmas on Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:50 pm

List of Skills

Cooking- An essential Skill for Players who spend a lot of time in the wilderness. Higher Cooking levels allow for better and larger meals to be made with few ingredients and are less likely to be burnt.

Carving- Almost a requirement for hunters and those who slay Monsters. Carving is the ability to carve parts of the slain Monsters without damaging them.

Fishing- A simple Skill that anyone can learn easily. Fishing allows the Player to catch fish and water Monsters. Higher levels will get bigger and rarer finds.

Metalworking- Metal working is the ability to smelt and forge metal armors and weapons. In order to forge and smelt higher quality metals, your Metalworking Skill must exceed certain requirements. Corresponding metals TBA.

Bone-working- The ability to create bone tools, weapons and armor. Higher levels allow for rarer types of bones to be used without breaking them. Bone types TBA.

Wood-working- The ability to carve and shape wood. Higher levels allow for rarer wood to be carved without damage.

Herbal Medicine- Herbal Medicine is the ability to know and use herbs and plants to treat injuries and illnesses. Without this skill, Players will need potions and Doctors to treat them.

Alchemy- Alchemy is the ability to combine two or more ingredients to create something new, typically herbs into potions anyone can use.

Kritch Telsmas

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