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The Rabid Hound

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The Rabid Hound

Post by Kritch Telsmas on Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:11 pm

The Rabid Hound

Average size: The Rabid Hounds are two feet high at the shoulder when fully grown, and are typically very thin and weigh very little.
Habitat: The Rabid Hounds can be found in meadows and plains at night or during the early morning, while they sleep in the nearby forests during the day.
Diet: The Rabid Hounds typically eat smaller game, but packs of five to twenty have been known to attack animals and people more than three times their size, even when not starving, which they typically are.
Disposition: Rabid Hounds when alone are meek and would rather flee than fight anything larger than themselves, but once in a pack they become extremely aggressive.
Description: The Rabid Hounds are medium sized, canine beasts. Their hide will typically be mattered or missing patches of fur, but is waterproof. The Hounds have long snouts for canines and tall, perky ears. Their paws are wide and bear heavy claws for tearing at prey, and their teeth can eviscerate flesh. Their gums are always diseased and countless bacteria fill their mouths, often causing severe infections and necrosis for any victims of a bite. The Hounds have only short nubs for tails.
Noteworthy Carves: While they are particularly vulnerable to flame, avoid burning them as their pelts make excellent furs for waterproof boots and coats. Undamaged skulls and whole heads fetch a decent price with beast merchants.
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