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The Human Race

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The Human Race

Post by Kritch Telsmas on Tue Oct 18, 2016 8:54 am

Those who adapt

Humans are advanced, sentient primates from Earth. These people are well known for their ability to adapt their environment to suit their needs. While not a very old Race, they have completely populated their entire home world. Humans are warm-blooded, meaning they create their own heat. Humans come in a variety of slightly different skin tones and sizes, depending on where on their home world of Earth they lived in. They do not possess a single language, instead having many throughout Earth.

Humans have two eyes, two ears, a nose centered on the face above a mouth. They are omnivorous as a species, but some choose more select diets. Humans normally have hair atop their heads and on the eyebrow ridges above the eyes. Some, typically males but not always, choose to grow hair on their upper lip and on the jawline and neck areas. Most humans are some shade of brown or tan, but can range from very pale to nearly purple-black. Their eyes also range in color, from blue, brown, green, hazel, to grey irises, but most have white sclera, hence the phrase "The whites of their eyes". Some diseases or illness can change these colors. Humans also vary on hair color, ranging from blonde to red, brown to black. Some humans are fond of dying their hair different colors, or wearing colored contact lenses to change eye color or iris shape.

Humans have two arms and two legs, and are bipedal. Most of the internal organs are houses in the torso. Humans have two sexes, male and female, but experience a wide variety of gender identification that may not always align to their biological sex. Males are typically seen as being larger and more physically superior to females; while this is true in some instances, it is not true on the whole. Just as humans vary in skin color, humans vary on height, weight, speed and strength.

Humans are often viewed as a violent, greedy species that are destroying their home world. Not all humans are this way, however, and a great number of them are passive or docile. Humans wear clothes, usually, preventing nudity. This is not the case everywhere, but it offers a level of protection for the skin, as they have no natural armor or scales. Humans do not have tails, but do possess a "tailbone", suggesting they once did.
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