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Siltrine: Game of Worlds Rules

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Siltrine: Game of Worlds Rules

Post by Kritch Telsmas on Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:11 am

I, Kritch Telsmas, welcomes you to Siltrine! Now that you are here, I should inform you that there are rules here that nobody is exempt from. I shall provide these rules to you as clearly as I can so that no information is lost in communication, and that even the most foolish person could understand. Not that I am implying you are a fool, of course.

Firstly, all new members are required to create a character prior to posting in any forum with the exception, of course, being the Character Creation forum. This way, the staff can get you approved and give you your starting Rank.

Which brings me to my next point; Ranks. Ranks determine your approximate prowess of your character based on your application's quality. Detail is important when creating your character, but this does not mean that we need to know about literally everything. Quality is better than quantity, but when it comes to your application, detail and length are the keys to getting a higher Rank.

More about Ranks later, however. Siltrine is a very dynamic, evolving world. It's a world of mundane and magic, animals and monsters, humans and aliens of all kinds. Neither time, nor space, has kept I, Kritch Telsmas, from drawing players to Siltrine. As such, you're bound to see all walks of life, some, or rather, a great number, may be from outside your comfort zone. This does not give you the right to ostracize them. Any grievances you have with another member or NPC, or creature, should be handled appropriately and maturely.

Further, Siltrine is always evolving. New things will be added constantly, new species and Races and monsters and more. It is strongly encouraged that you submit ideas for what you'd like to see added next to the Site Discussion page.

Speaking of monsters. For some of you, Siltrine is a game of life and death. Literally. Anyone who engages in fights can die. Injuries matter here in Siltrine, for when you were summoned here, it was your body brought to this world. This isn't a virtual reality game. It's life. So, before you do battle, think carefully. Broken bones take a long time to heal. When in doubt, use common logic and physics to tell if you're going to get hurt by something.

While you are in the Forums, you may choose to fight some monsters or NPCs. You have two choices when doing so. You can either do the fight yourself, or request a staff member to take on the role of the NPC. When the experience system is completed, this will earn you far more experience, relative to the strength of the NPC. But, remember, you can and probably will get hurt fighting.

As for Out of Character (OOC) things, all of Forumotion's rules apply here. While swearing is permitted do not abuse your privileges. Children may or may not be present.
Kritch Telsmas

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