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Siltrine: Game of Worlds Lore

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Siltrine: Game of Worlds Lore

Post by Kritch Telsmas on Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:26 am

What is Siltrine?

Siltrine is a vast, multi-leveled world found by Kritch Telsmas, who shaped it into the setting of his "Ultimate Game". Using his magic, he divided the world into two thousand Floors, each Floor progressively harder to navigate and survive on. With his powers, he created Floor Bosses, Monsters of great power that guard the entrances to the next Floor. Most of the monsters and wildlife were created by Kritch, who also created the all important Flintrers, magical communication devices that resemble in appearance the most common communication device from each "Player's" home world. These Flintrers store all the items used by the Players, and have vast quantities of information on them.

How did I get here?

Kritch's magic stole countless people from their home-worlds. His powers reached through time, space and even outside his own timeline to get as many players as possible who fit as of yet unknown qualifications.

Why can't I understand anyone/Why can I understand anyone?

When Kritch designed this world, he knew the many Races involved would not all speak the same languages. So he created the universal language Siltrine, able to be understood by any sentient being. However, the only way to learn this universal language is to acquire a Siltrine Primer. There are Primers for all languages, scattered in the wilderness and sold in shops.

How do I get home?

Only when the two-thousandth floor is cleared, and Kritch Telsmas is defeated in battle, will the players be sent to their own homes.

How long have I been here?

As of this update, all Players have been in Siltrine for two weeks.
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